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Sell With Certainty

Selling your home to a private buyer follows the same processes you would use with a realtor but without the hassles of house showings or the added costs of agent fees and commissions. As a private buyer, Geoff Kennedy offers a straight-forward process:

Call Geoff

If you want to sell your house or are thinking of selling your house, call Geoff. This discovery call will give you the opportunity to talk about your home and personal goals for a sale. If you’re ready to take the next step, you and Geoff will arrange a time for a house visit.

Conduct a

At your convenience, Geoff will do a quick 15 to 20-minute walk-through of your house. Geoff has bought homes in all states and conditions. There’s no need for staging and no need for arranging, Geoff is happy to see your house as it is.

Discuss Your Options

Following the walk-through, you and Geoff will sit down to discuss your expectations for a sale. This is an open, honest discussion, which gives you the opportunity to identify your goals for selling your house, including the desired price and closing date.

Review Your Offer

Geoff will deliver his offer within 24 hours after the house walk-through. He will go over the contract in detail and answer any questions that you may have. Get a clear, direct offer so you can sell with certainty.

Sign the Papers

Once a price and closing date are determined, we’ll sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale from OREA — the standard contract for all home sales in Ontario. The contract will be sent to lawyers, along with the deposit cheque. And from there, the lawyers will take care of the rest.

Close the Sale

Pick up your cheque from your lawyer
and enjoy moving on to whatever’s next.

A private home sale so you can move on your terms.

Working with Geoff was a wonderful experience.  His easy-going yet straight-talking approach kept things clear and easy to understand.  Geoff understands just how stressful selling a house can be and he offered us a great solution with a smooth and simple sale.

Ryan H.

I’m so happy to have met Geoff!  I didn’t know if I was going to be able to sell my house, and I had no idea how I was going to move.  By selling my house privately, I was able to leave anything I didn’t want behind.  Geoff made it so simple!

Karen K.

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A private house sale is just like any other real estate transaction. We run through all the same processes that you would with a real estate agent, but without the expensive commissions or hassle of prepping a house for market.

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