Selling your house doesn’t have to be complicated.

Work with Geoff Kennedy and
sell your home privately.




Homeowners love working with Geoff.

Agree on a price and set a closing date that’s suited to your schedule. Sell your house with more certainty and fewer complications, so you can move forward with greater clarity and ease.


There's no judgement

As a contractor, Geoff buys houses in all sorts of conditions. Show your house as it is and get a fair assessment, based on market research.


You always get clarity and respect

Geoff offers a straight-forward, transparent process to alleviate stress, so you can move forward as easily as possible.


You can take what you want and leave the rest

Selling to Geoff gives you the option of leaving unwanted items
in the house, which Geoff and his team can take care of.


You can choose when you move.

A private sale with Geoff means that you don’t need to make any compromises on the closing date, and can move when it works best for you.

You’ve Got Options

There’s more than one way to sell your house.

Work with Geoff

Geoff Kennedy bought and renovated his first house when he was 26 years old. And that’s when he fell in love with real estate. Over the last ten years, Geoff has built his business as a property investor and contractor. Working directly with homeowners, he offers a clear and simple solution for people who want to sell their house but don’t want the hassles of putting their house on the market.

A standard sales process without the extra fees

Geoff loves houses. He understands the market and has bought properties throughout southern Ontario. This experience gives him the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the sales process is as straightforward and pain-free as possible. He is not a real estate agent and buys directly from the homeowner, which means there are no hefty fees or commissions. Working with Geoff is a cost-effective, simple solution to sell your house and move on.


Straightforward. Confident. Clear.

A Clear Sales Process

Step 1

Call Geoff Kennedy

Set up a discovery call to discuss your situation and personal goals for a sale. From there, you'll set up a time for Geoff to see the house and go through it.

Step 2

Get an Assessment

At your convenience, Geoff will assess the property and go over any questions. Meetings take 15-20 minutes, and you'll receive an offer within 24 hours of viewing.

Step 3

Sell and Move On

Agree on a price and set a closing date that fits your timing. Sell your house with more certainty and fewer complications, so you can move forward with greater clarity and ease.

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5 Helpful Tips For a Smooth House Sale

A private house sale is just like any other real estate transaction. We run through all the same processes that you would with a real estate agent, but without the expensive commissions or hassle of prepping a house for market.

We purchase properties throughout Ontario.

There's a better way to sell your house.

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